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Pro Team


Hayley, FSOBX

Hayley has over 10 years of experience within the beauty industry. Whilst Hayley is trained in most beauty treatments, in 2016 she decided to specialise exclusively in brow procedures. As a devoted brow expert, Hayley is one of the industry’s leading technicians, not only in the UK but across the globe. Hayley credits her success to the unfaltering passion she has for her work.

FSOB X Cosmedic Supplies

Hayley’s dynamic style means that she offers a fresh, innovative approach to Cosmedic Supplies’ products and services. The FSOBX Leopard Collection combines power and design to create a set of tools that not only look amazing but produce unbelievable results.

Quote from Hayley:

“Being a member of the Cosmedic Supplies Pro Team is amazing. I absolutely love the Cosmedic Supplies product range; their machinery and accessories always work to the highest standards and consistently yield beautiful results.

I couldn’t imagine representing a better company and I am beyond grateful to the CS team for making me part of the family!”.

Janine, Brow Jam

Janine has worked within the beauty industry since 2008. In 2012, she decided to streamline as a PMU brow artist, and is now one of the most iconic technicians within the field. Janine has successfully cultivated her own unique style of brow that is popular among celebrity clients and aspiring artists alike.

Janine’s speciality is creating beautifully natural and stylish hairstrokes for her clients.

BrowJam X Cosmedic Supplies

Janine is leading the way in the ever-evolving world of hairstrokes. She offers a unique style loved by her loyal, and ever-growing, clientele. The Brow Jam x Cosmedic Supplies blade is one of the most innovative microblading tools available on the market. With a specialist needle configuration and shape, the Divine Blade will help every brow technician reach their full artistic potential.

Quote from Janine:

“Cosmedic Supplies is a really fresh, exciting company. Their products are amazing and help me to create beautiful results. Working with the rest of the Pro Team is a pleasure and I love producing interesting, dynamic content with the other technicians. Watch this space; big things are coming!”.

Georgie, GgBrows

Georgie founded GgBrows in 2016. She initially offered bespoke SPMU services for those hoping to naturally enhance and define the shape of their brows. Based on the popular Ombre Brow technique, the GgBrow is an incredibly striking and unique style of brow. Over a short period of time, Georgie’s signature technique has become one of the most popular SPMU treatments available in the UK.

Ggbrows X Cosmedic Supplies

Georgie applies her expert knowledge to the production process of every CS product, from premature designs all the way to manufacture completion. Georgie has also designed and created the Buff Browz range, one of the most popular brow maintenance collections in the UK.

Quote from Georgie:

“I love being apart of the Cosmedic Supplies team due to my passion for the SPMU industry and everything it involves. Being a part of the Pro Team allows me to gain a deeper understanding of how the industry works on a practical level which, in turn, enhances my own skills and techniques.”


Summer, Etch Cosmetics

Summer established Etch Cosmetics in 2016. Since Etch opened its doors, the business has gone from strength to strength. Today, Summer works with a dedicated team of practitioners to offer the highest-quality cosmetic procedures. She also owns a thriving PMU academy that welcomes hundreds of students every year from across the country. Summer’s iconic style and advanced technical abilities have led to her widespread recognition as one of the best practitioners in the business.

Summer x Cosmedic Supplies

As one of the UK’s most renown trainers, Summer’s knowledge of the PMU industry is vast. When collaborating with Cosmedic Supplies, Summer combines her advanced cosmetic and business expertise to create tools that are durable, intelligent, and effective. With Summer, achieving brow greatness is easy.

Quote from Summer:

“It is an honour to work with Cosmedic Supplies. Nothing is ever too much for the company; they will always support small businesses and offer opportunities for growth. It is a pleasure to work so closely with such an amazing team! Cosmedic Supplies products are a delight to work with, as are the staff!”


Kallie, Brow Sophistication

Always up-to-date with the UK’s most highly accredited training and brow qualifications, Kallinika is a brow fanatic. Kallie is well-known in the industry for creating natural-looking, 3-dimensional brows bespoke to each individual client. Kallinika is driven by a true passion for the transformative effects of a perfect eyebrow. Her patience and eye for studying each person’s facial structure consistently ensures a flattering and sophisticated effect.

Brow Sophistication x Cosmedic Supplies

Kallie’s unique approach to the industry ensures her work always stands out from the crowd. Trained in a multitude of specialist techniques, Kallie ensures bespoke, individualised results for her clients that are always of the highest quality. And with her exclusive tools, any technician can do the same.

Quote from Kallie:

“Cosmedic Supplies is a dream team. Everything about this brand is top-level; from the company directors to the tools and equipment they sell, I cannot fault them! I am honoured to be able to represent the brand and cannot wait to see what the future holds!”.